stuttering strategies handout Stuttering happens when your child’s neurological system is overwhelmed. Rather than attempting to master all of the suggestions at once, choose one or two new strategies each Stuttering Strategies - The Digital SLP Recalling all of the fluency strategies and techniques can be difficult if you don't often see students who stutter. Use techniques and strategies that you have learned in speech therapy or support groups and that you find helpful in managing stuttering Try the following if using the telephone is difficult: When making calls, be prepared; know what needs to be said before dialing and write the main points down; use a script when applicable I appreciated the breakdown and explanation of stuttering modification and fluency enhancing treatments and how they both can be used together. e. Other factors must be considered, as well, so only a speech pathologist trained in the diagnosis and treatment of stuttering is qualified to make this diagnosis. Other symptoms can include language or phonological (sound Stuttering can adversely affect every aspect of a person’s life: academically, socially, vocationally. To do them, simply stretch out the first sound in the word that’ll cause you to stutter, moving through it to the next sound and the rest of the word, continuing on with your flow of speech. Stuttering is typically a complex problem. These areas of study will be considered: Example scenario of a stuttering student in the classroom Presentation Handout for National Stuttering Association – June 2003 Nashville Tennessee by Bobby G. Fluency Shaping Strategies 10. Stuttering draws attention to itself, so it is not surprising that parents and others in the child’s environment might be more likely to hear the child’s stuttering, rather than the Stuttering may look like an easy problem that can be solved with some simple advice, but for many adults, it can What strategies have you used and how have they worked? What are your goals for yourself and will your stuttering prevent you from doing those things? To Download the Emotional Aspects of Stuttering Worksheet (including what to say in response to the child’s answers), Click the Link Below Exploring the moment of stuttering helps children feel what the speech machine does during stuttering 5. Katie is a licensed, credentialed and certified pediatric speech-language pathologist and mom to four (8, 6, 3 and 6 months). Ed Sheeran – This popular singer learned how to stop stuttering by listening to Eminem songs. understanding/awareness of the occurrences of stuttering, using other strategies in the event a stutter will tend to not be effective, as the first step is being able to identify the occurrence of all stuttering behaviors. Age of Onset: Stuttering generally begins between the ages of 2 and 6 y ears . Five Myths about Bullies 4 Handouts When the classroom reads aloud it can make a child stutter worse because of added tension and anticipation. SLPs learn about therapy for communication, attitudes, and speech fluency in school-age children who stutter, with activities such as the speech machine. In many cases, stuttering goes away on its own by age 5. In the 1970s, fluency shaping was another approach to stuttering treatment. Sweeheart Speech. Children who stutter know what they want to say and generally don’t like it when their sentences are completed for them. Ms. It also includes useful printable for the parents to be used at home to help * Don’t finish his/her sentences. Feb 15, 2021 - Fluency/ stuttering therapy activities, strategies, materials, and resources for speech-language pathologists. Fortunately, speech-language pathologists can play a key role in supporting those with dysfluency by providing therapy for stuttering (e. Pearl A. By identifying these things, it will then be easy for you to increase the frequency with which you do them. This handout will guide you in helping the child practice. However, stuttering and stammering can decrease with speech therapy and psychological support. (Practice learning how to release tension in your body with the Progressive Muscle Relaxation Technique). I decided that I wasn’t going to let stuttering hold me back, so I resolved to conquer it — just like the famous people listed above have. (Harris,(Ph. , anxiety reducing) in emphasis. Fluency(Therapy! LonnieG. Gordon and Harold L. Stuttering is not your child’s fault. Also, make sure you get down on his level and let him know you are listening and he has plenty of time to tell you what he wants to tell you. Direct strategies help your child change how they speak. FOR NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIBERS: Newsletter subscribers receive this FREE handout that recaps treatment approaches you can use with your students. In Western Australia approximately 17 000 people stutter . Desensitization Prompts Handout: Part of dealing with the negative emotions associated with stuttering can be desensitizing the child to the stuttering by having him/her stutter on purpose. Created using Boardmaker symbols. Learn key therapy techniques and activities for improving communication, attitudes, and speech fluency from board-certified specialists in stuttering assessment and treatment. Learn more about the subject via the lesson entitled Stuttering Strategies for Elementary Students. In this respect, stuttering modification therapy tends to be primarily anxiolytic (i. The Digital SLP | Speech Therapy ResourcesSLP From Stuttering Therapy Resources: Our FREE Practical Tips Handouts and Videos help speech-language pathologists (SLPs) help people who stutter. Stuttering Modification Strategies (Reducing Physical Tension/Struggle) Identify where in the speech mechanism physical tension is and release it. " – C. Presenter We never know exactly where kids will end up, but we can do our best to help them walk a steady, supported path. When the classroom has to read aloud, use the teaching technique of allowing the children to read in pairs in unison. Stuttering is not your child’s fault. (July 2019) "Providing examples of the fluency strategies and justification for why they are important was most beneficial. For every technique… a) What is it? d) There are no secrets in therapy Fluency Stuttering Strategies Handout. Stuttering Strategies - The Digital SLP. However, speech/language pathologists and parents often feel discouraged when knowledge of these techniques seem to disappear as fast as it takes for the child to get to their car in the clinic’s parking lot. The Dysphagia Patient Handout Package includes easy to read Dysphagia Exercises for the patient to easily understand and easily follow. Open, honest, and loving discussion is always the best remedy. D. Practical Tips Handouts: Understanding Stuttering. SLPs: Learn to assess & treat fluency, stuttering, communication, & attitudes, in preschool & young school-age children who stutter. Bodenhamer. ,(CCC9SLP! FluencyShapingStrategies! REDUCED!SPEECH!RATE!The(average(speaking(rate(of(speakers(whodonot(stutter(is(167words(per directed at desensitization to stuttering, increasing acceptance of one’s stuttering, and motoric techniques directed at decreasing the tension associated with stuttering moments, when they occur. In some kids, it goes on for longer. A prepatory set is a stuttering modification technique that allows you to ease through stutter instead of coming to a complete and halting stop. You can grab that parent handout in my free resource library, if you’re signed up for my newsletter! I hope some of these stuttering therapy activities help you! Let me know if you have a favorite toy to use in therapy. Finally, the child’s fear and anxiety of stuttering can cause it to continue and even worsen. Similarities & Differences of Fluency Shaping & Stuttering Modification 9. busybeespeech. Meta-Memory Strategies #602 Causes and Treatment of Stuttering While the cause of stuttering has yet to be identified, it is clear that students experience speech disruptions when internal or external (environmental) demands exceed their capacity to handle the communication situation. Our Practical Tips Videos contains the latest information about stuttering therapy to help speech-language pathologists (SLPs) help people who stutter. Increasing Pause Time. Slow down and focus on breathing. Given lessons about stuttering, opportunities for self-assessment of his performance, and discussions about handling obstacles encountered with stuttering, the patient will demonstrate a decrease in his affective score by a severity level after two semesters. It is worth reminding parents that they do not cause stuttering by talking too fast, but they can help the child become more fluent by talking more slowly. society holds around stuttering and people who stutter. The tested strategies in Minimizing Bullying for Children Who Stutter can help your clients break free from the burden of bullying. "Bucket" Analogy Handout - The Bucket analogy is used to show parents that stuttering is not "caused" by one thing. Many preschoolers go through periods of stuttering. in curriculum and instruction. 2. Our free Practical Tips Handouts contain the latest information about stuttering therapy to help speech-language pathologists help people who stutter. There are different techniques to put less pressure on a child in a speaking situation. Bobby G. Sep 7, 2016 - There are several programs and practices out there to address fluency. Listen to Content rather than Manner. com Given lessons about stuttering, opportunities for self-assessment of his performance, and discussions about handling obstacles encountered with stuttering, the patient will demonstrate a decrease in his affective score by a severity level after two semesters. Consciously release the tension. Order of Sounds for Easy Starts 13. Every student is different, and part of therapy is exploring the different fluency techniques and seeing what the student prefers and/or what helps the most. Many factors influence stuttering and speaking without a stutter (fluency). This helps relieve some tension and negative feelings that may arise while a person finds themselves stuttering unexpectedly. g. , “Wee waant aa cookiee”). pause between phrases, sentences, and ideas (e. It is designed so that you and the parents can easily go through, answering all their questions and concerns. It’s helpful to describe and determine the loci of the tension. For example, to prevent stuttering, a person might talk around the desired word (circumlocution), substitute a different word, delay a comment, interject starter sounds and words (“um,” “ah,” “you know”), cover the mouth, avoid eye contact, refuse to speak, or stuttering worse (i. A great task for parents, a useful resource for Speech Pathologists and therapy aides. Stuttering modification techniques to modify stutters range from "catching the stutter" to exaggerating stutters in a controlled way, and include: Voluntary Stuttering Children are instructed to stutter on purpose to remove some of the tension and negative feelings that come up when children find themselves stuttering unexpectedly. HANDOUT-ABLE: Summary of Stuttering Modification/Fluency-Enhancing Techniques For patients who stutter, the more frequent strategies are practiced in different settings and contexts, the more benefit the speaker will tend to receive from the methods. • “Intentional stuttering” = a preparatory activity to reduce anxiety and stigma of the stuttering behavior. I try to spend time prac… Stuttering Modification: Goals & Strategies Instructor: Clio Stearns Show bio Clio has taught education courses at the college level and has a Ph. and hope from our members, In their preschool years, many children go through periods of stuttering, especially when they are tired, excited or upset. It also includes explanations on timing and tension. strategies with other techniques to help children develop healthy, positive attitudes about their speaking abilities. Let Stuttering Parents Handouts; is a stuttering guide to help parents understand their children stuttering problems. Christmas cloze activity 12. Stuttering can be an open topic vs. The rushed pace forces improper breathing and an irregular rhythm to your speech. Many factors influence stuttering and speaking without a stutter (fluency). Rephrasing questions as comments Talk about it. Her passion for educating, inspiring and empowering parents of children with all abilities led her to start her blog playing with words 365 where she shares information about speech & language development & intervention strategies, parenting, photography and a little Treatment for stuttering disorder is not easy – since we don’t really know the cause for sure, we try to manipulate the speech production using: mind control/attitudes, changing the speech patterns (clinically proven to help a lot of patients!), changing breathing patterns (most beneficial to those patients that acquire hoarse voice due to their stuttering!), and teaching muscles relaxation. From Stuttering Therapy Resources. What Parents Can Do: Reduce communication stress. We happen to have a massive toolbox of evidence-based strategies that we can use to help our students who stutter become more fluent. Stuttering Modification Strategies 14. If you need a refresher, I've created this handout to use in the speech room. * Wait patiently for a child to finish. The Beach cloze activity 11. Stuttering modification strategies help to bring awareness of stuttering to the child and reduce any physical tension or struggle. Stuttering runs in families – if you have one person in a family who stutters, chances are 60-70% that you will find another person in the family who also stutters. Dysfluency is a speech disorder in which the flow of speech is disrupted by involuntary repetitions and prolongations of sounds, syllables or words, and involuntary silent pauses or blocks in which the dysfluent person is unable to produce sounds. Fluency Enhancing Behaviors (FEBs) FREEBIE! This quick handout defines frequently used fluency enhancing behaviors or strategies to be used when working with students who stutter. 50. All issues are free and available online. *For children who are sensitive to and/or avoid stuttering * These techniques are practiced with “fake stuttering” at first, and then practiced in real instances of stuttering, as the child 8. Use More Wait Time 1. Stuttering Strategies - The Digital SLP Recalling all of the fluency strategies and techniques can be difficult if you don't often see students who stutter. Pathology assessment as soon as possible. These strategies can include slowing down your own speech and asking fewer questions. Stuttering Handout for Parents- Boardmaker A handout for families completing the Lidcombe Program (or other structured stuttering therapy) who are running out of ideas of what activities to complete. 1. , learn where the tension they experience anatomically originates, target the thoughts and feelings that often accompany a stuttering moment, and choose fluency shaping strategies). 24. This will perpetuate an “open door policy” for years to come. Good luck to you and your family. As a matter of fact, the goal of this new therapy was to replace stuttering completely with a new way of talking that allowed the person to talk without stuttering. Looking at Blocking & Stuttering Through the Eyes of Neuro-Semantics ® June 27, 2003. . , “I went to the store…and I bought some milk and some bread”). Fluency-enhancing strategies include techniques that alter students' breathing, speech rate, voice production, and articulation in ways that facilitate more fluent speech. Stuttering Therapy Resources: Free Practical Tips Handouts contain the latest techniques & strategies to help speech-language pathologists help people who stutter. harmful to a child that doesn’t stutter, but can aggravate stuttering in a child that has a tendency to stutter. Stuttering can start slowly over time or appear suddenly. The packet also includes other handy one sheeters to give to your dysphagia patients. This is another sign that you are slowing enough to reduce time pressure on the child. Speech restructuring with PS and SST can be taught through the Camperdown Program. It elevates their stress levels, possibly increasing instances of stuttering. All you need to do is print out these simple directives so your patient can do their homework with more ease. Speech and stuttering modification techniques are often learned quickly and easily within the therapy setting. Most involve some types of strategies or fluency enhancing behaviors (FEBs) to teach those who stutter how to manage their fluency. Developed and led by world renowned experts, these courses are offered at low cost to speech-language pathologists (SLPs) worldwide. Learning that you can change stuttering sets the stage for stuttering modification strategies C. Once a client demonstrates the ability to use cancellations, I will introduce the idea of pull-outs. D. They include: bounce, slide, easy onset, light contact, reduce rate, Super Duper ® Handy Handouts! Number Cluttering By Kevin Stuckey, M. What Causes Stuttering? The King’s Speech is an award-winning movie that profiles his life and his stuttering issues. 1. Equal Opportunity Notice The Issaquah School District complies with all applicable federal and state rules and regulations and does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, creed, religion, color, national origin, age, honorably discharged veteran or military status, sexual orientation including gender expression or identity, the presence of any sensory, mental or physical disability, or Here are a few stuttering teletherapy ideas and general distance learning tricks to help you plan for your kids who stutter. Ken Venturi was a champion to those who stutter, going out of his way to share his personal experience when consulted by a colleague, friend, or child who stutters. The Stuttering Foundation offers continuing education courses for ASHA CEUs online. Some examples include: Pull-out (requires self-awareness): When a child has a dysfluency, the child uses a speech modification strategy and decreases/stops the stutter. An overview of stuttering and of NT provides a basis for understanding how processes within NT are eminently suited to working toward problem solving with this population. For many children, it comes at a point of their life and then goes. Stuttering can start slowly over time or appear suddenly. g. These periods may come and go, and most children grow out of them. Dave Taylor has been on the Stuttering Foundation's list of Famous People Who Stutter for many years, but probably few people know all of the unique accomplishments of this former hockey great who was born on December 4, 1955, in Levack, Ontario. Ed. Summary: 1) Evaluate General Foundations Stuttering Modification Strategies. What is neurogenic stuttering? Answer Neurogenic stuttering is a fluency disorder that is a result of damage to the nervous system. Listen to What is said, not How it is said; Repeat or rephrase – let them know you heard them; Do not interrupt or finish their words; Be face to face and at their level; Avoid correcting the stuttering such as “slow down” or “stop and think” To slow down your speech: use a slower, relaxed rate of speech by slightly stretching the vowels in words (e. Clearing up the confusion To understand stuttering, we must also understand: Stuttering happens when your child’s neurological system is overwhelmed. Stuttering is a form of dysfluency (dis-FLOO-en-see), an interruption in the flow of speech. Bring your attention to where the stuttering is happening in your mouth or throat and become aware of the tension built up there. You are an important part of your child's treatment. Causes and Treatment of Stuttering In Young Children By Dale Ducworth, M. D. Prolonged speech (PS) or smooth speech techniques (SST) are commonly used strategies to help control the stuttering. The exact cause for stuttering or stammering has not yet been found, and there are many theories on it. It may begin simply, but it usually, and sometimes quickly, becomes complex because of the reactions, defensive behaviors, and coping strategies of the person who stutters and the reactions of significant others in the listening environment. While there is Facts about stuttering Most children begin stuttering between the ages of 2 The idea of a pull out (or any other stuttering modification strategy) is to see if you can find a way to move forward with a more comfortable way of stuttering, with less tension/struggle. In order to have neurogenic stuttering, the person must be someone who did not stutter previously and then had some damage to the nervous system; whether it was the brain or spinal cord. As speech therapists, that means helping parents find a steady, supported path as well. Johnny will educate 2 friends about his stuttering treatment techniques. Mangan runs TOPS: Teens Out Promoting Stuttering; a monthly social group for teens that stutter. a child may stutter more when they are anxious). C. Hand out for parents to share fluency strategies for carry over at home. Let Me Finish: A Stuttering Documentary. Don’t rush a child who stutters. Note therapy discussions of “good moments,” “bad moments,” current Strategies to help you child by reducing demands/pressures on speech and support fluency. Many kids go through a stuttering phase around this age because their language skills are progressing at such a rapid rate. Instead, they begin to stutter suddenly, usually under circumstances that involve emotional distress, either sudden or prolonged -- absence of one or both parents, moving to a new location, starting a new school, death or serious illness in the family, hospitalization of the child or of a sibling. You can do this by easing into the word with a slight elongation of the sound/syllable or you can move forward with an easy bounce or repetition of the sound. Indirect strategies are ways to help make it easier for your child to talk. 3. Key concept: Even though the stuttering event is Stuttering Modification: These goals focus on helping the child stutter with less tension and secondary behaviors, and modifying the child’s stutter to reduce the amount of work and effort required to speak. Pause. Stuttering or stammering (dysfluency) is a common disorder and can have a major impact on the life and wellbeing of many people. put your child’s name on a waiting list for a Speech Stuttering is not caused by copying children or adults. The procedures were very different from stuttering modification. Instruct the client to try to re-create the exact tension and movements that happen during stuttering events. , CCC-SLP HEP List of Stuttering Techniques/Strategies Available March 29, 2020 Surviving the Storm of COVID-19 — BLOG POST March 22, 2020 Functional Sequencing Tasks for Cognition (English/Spanish) March 22, 2020 Fear of sounds, words, people, or speaking situations can cause a person who stutters to use avoidance or escape behaviors. Swallowing Like breathing, swallowing is a reflex and essential to everyday life. It can be treated like diabetes or other issues that children can experience. Stuttering Stuttering (read an Easy English of this fact sheet) Stuttering is a speech disorder that causes interruptions in the rhythm or flow of speech. This collection focuses on speech handling tools, stuttering management skills, and fluency enhancing strategies and techniques. Be patient. Stuttering may occur when a combination of factors comes together and may have different causes in different people. In this course, Lourdes Ramos-Heinrichs will present three strategies that SLPs can use when working with adolescents and adults who stutter to help these clients sustain desired levels of fluency and carry over the fluent speech to everyday speaking situations and when conversing with diverse groups. Often times just slowing and stretching out our own speech will help when young children are stuttering because they automatically slow down their speech once they hear ours slow. Generally speaking, stuttering on more than 10 words out of 100 may indicate that the child is having a problem. FREELY-AVAILABLE ONLINE TREATMENT MATERIALS FOR STUTTERING 2016 by Judy Maginnis Kuster Disclaimer: The URLs on the handout were all functioning May 2016. (Formerly entitled Stuttering and the Preschool the program is for use with children and adults. Min. Kenyon Martin The brochure - which unfolds into a small poster - is available free of charge from The Stuttering Foundation. g. Parent education is a pretty important component to stuttering therapy anyway. Students must know why they are doing everything they do in therapy 1. Color Me Fluent™ creatively integrates traditional methods of treating stuttering. (1 pg) These Stuttering Modification Cue Cards can be used as both a visual cue and a teaching tool to explain each strategy! The fluency shaping strategies included are:Catching (identify the stutter)Cancellation Pull-OutsPreparatory SetBouncingVoluntary Stuttering Stuttering and Your Child: Help for Parents This 30 minute DVD is for parents and families of young children who stutter. Girls are more likely to recover than boys. But it is always a good idea to get them evaluated by a speech therapist so they can tell you if it is a common type of stuttering or something more serious. Stuttering, also known as stammering is a condition often encountered in children. Stuttering modification strategies include techniques such as Catching the Stutter, Relaxing the Stutter, Slide, Easy Stuttering and Cancellation. a taboo topic. Question. A series of 14 fluency and affective-based measures were assessed before treatment, immediately after treatment, and 6 months after treatmen … Non-Financial: Ms. When children are aware of their stuttering, it is best to be open and talk about it in a positive way. Get parents involved. Our free Practical Tips Handouts can help you help people who stutter and their families. Includes 2 handouts and strategy card visuals. The introduction of over-learning and exaggeration of correct speech patterns is under the umbrella of orange speech Stuttering in Preschoolers. Christelle and Carly present 8 Fluency Shaping and Stuttering Modification Strategies. Also, you may wish to implement some of the other suggestions, until you are no longer concerned about a risk of stuttering developing. Teaching Stuttering Modification Explore the Stuttering: Start with pseudo stuttering. Luper, "The Early Identification of Beginning Stuttering I: Protocols" Am J Speech Lang pathol, May 1992; 1:43-54 article includes Riley's PSI, Cooper's Goals for Targeting Increased Knowledge of Stuttering Johnny will increase his knowledge about stuttering by passing 3 quizzes on basic stuttering facts. Johnny will give a presentation to his family members, peers, or teachers on stuttering. Stuttering children can often read aloud without stuttering if they read in unison with another voice. by . Furthermore, in older children and Stuttering Modification *For children who “stutter enough” that they could (eventually) identify a moment of stuttering as it is occurring. “Stuttering is more than just stuttering” (Reardon Reeves & Yaruss, 2013) This is the part of stuttering that can be confusing for many SLP’s. Effective treatments are available to help a child overcome it. Please print them, photocopy them, share them, pin them, and use them however they are helpful! Many of these Practical Tips have also been translated into other languages; find them on the Español and Other Languages pages. awareness of and support for those who stutter, by providing the latest research, therapy options, coping management strategies, and o˝ering a connection to the stuttering community for those not in speech therapy or geographically distanced from a support group. Also included in this package is a meal log, aspiration precautions, how to gain weight, breathing exercises, and compensatory exercises. Some factors that support your child’s communication make stuttering less likely. Ms. Some factors that support your child’s communication make stuttering less likely. These strategies have been shown to reduce stuttering by approximately 80%-90% when applied. e. Davies runs KOPS: Kids out Promoting Stuttering; a monthly social group for kids that stutter. Although individual dynamics vary widely, many students who stutter report the following phenomena. Once you’ve started stuttering on a word you want to say, stop. Wendy demonstrates 3 strategies: Breathe and plan (before you start speaking) Slow start (as you start speaking) Pull-out (if you stutter once you have start Nineteen adults who stutter participated in a 3-week intensive stuttering modification treatment program (the Successful Stuttering Management Program [SSMP]). Is Stuttering Normal? Many preschoolers go through phases of “normal” stuttering. With your fear and tension comes the urge to rush through a conversation. The “Structure” of Blocking & Stuttering. See more ideas about stuttering therapy, speech language pathologists, stuttering therapy activities. Obtain- Strategies: One strategy used in stuttering modification therapy is voluntary stuttering, in which the person who stutters is instructed to stutter on purpose. a) If the child has a positive family history of stuttering, this counts as a risk factor! 2. This document contains some suggestions for helping your child get through these periods. The term stutter and stammer will may be used interchangeably in this section, but means the same thing. Note therapy discussions of “good moments,” “bad moments,” current Stressor Inventory Handout - This handout is used to help identify inter- and intra-personal communication stressors that may be contributing to a child's stuttering. It is probable that what causes stuttering differs from what makes it continue or get worse. Provide adequate wait time Nice Speech Lady resources are beneficial for medical SLPs, and for general information purposes to patients, families, caregivers, and other associated professions. As you learn to slow your speech rate down, you will feel a sense of relaxation. Numerous handouts, games, activities, and a CD-ROM enhance the implementation of the strategies. Many of the current therapies for teens and adults who stutter focus on helping them learn ways to minimize stuttering when they speak, such as by speaking more slowly, regulating their breathing, or gradually progressing from single-syllable responses to longer words and more complex sentences. PDF. 4. Nashville, Tennessee. It's our way of saying thank you for being a subscriber! Subscribers receive exclusive promotions, tips, and free resources. They may repeat whole words or phrases, use lots of fillers like “um” and “uh”, or seem to have trouble coming up with a word. Gender ratio: 4 males to every female (this ratio is the same as other speech-language disorders) Spontaneous Recovery: Stuttering has a tendency to remit –that is, it may get better on its own. I use these strategies daily with my fluency kiddos and have found them to work very well. J. The mantra that stuttering specialists live by is "keep talking". If you need a refresher, I've created this handout to use in the speech room. Since 1977, the NSA has been empowering, educating, and supporting adults who stutter, wherever they may be on their journey with stuttering. $2. Bodenhamer, D. Slowing down and breathing is another key to tame your stutter. This comprehensive program includes a 125-page guidebook for speech-language pathologists, as well as accompanying workbooks for parents, teachers, school administrators, and children who stutter. Subjects: The NSA believes that instilling a sense of self-worth can transform the lives of people who stutter and the communities that support them. Davies is also the Portland chapter leader for the National Stuttering Association’s (NSA) adult support group. Traditional stuttering modification strategies include preparatory set, pull-out, and cancellation and require a child to identify a moment of disfluency before, during, or after it occurs, making stuttering, a person might talk around the desired word (circumlocution), substitute a different word, delay a comment, interject starter sounds and words (“um,” “ah,” “you know”), cover the mouth, avoid eye contact, refuse to speak, From Stuttering Therapy Resources. Title: Contemporary Techniques for Establishing Fluency in the Treatment of Adults Who Stutter Created Date: 4/23/2007 2:18:05 PM A pull-out is a speech tool I use with clients as they gain the ability to monitor and change their stuttering. , CCC-SLP Cluttering is a fluency disorder where an individual speaks rapidly and/or with an irregular speaking rate and demonstrates excessive dysfluencies such as blocks, repetitions, prolongations, etc. National Stuttering Association 3285-B Richmond Avenue #119 Staten Island, NY 10312 (800) 937-8888. Pause frequently while you talk. STUTTERING Stigma and impact The classic texts by Charles Van Riper, ti-tled The Nature of Stuttering (1971) and The In this video, speech-language pathologist Carrie Clark will go over how to do an evaluation for fluency/stuttering. This goes for parents as well. Writing Fluency Goals 15. Super Duper Handy Handouts are FREE online, informational newsletters for teachers and parents. stuttering strategies handout